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Prepare yourself for the roller coaster ride of emotions... Be forewarned, this site is my vent site... I cannot be held responsible for what may be said on this blog. Often it's just little tidbits of useless information, but occassionally a wobbler post slips in and all my feelings are revealed. Sometimes they are sweet, sad or cheerful.... but oh when they aren't... well just let me go ahead and apologize now. lol What did you expect?

Monday, November 12, 2007

It's been almost a month since my last entry. Some great things have happened then, as well as some not so great things. I guess that's just part of life. I have learned more about my friends and their dedication or lack there of as well some that I didn't think were friends, have managed to get pretty close. Life is about gains and losses... and that totally sums up mine right now. I have received closure on some things and some things I'm sure I will never understand, so I do not dare to tread that ground. It seems lately anything that I can possibly manage to screw up, I do. Obviously, I have this thing where things cannot be great and just enjoy it, because then I always get too paranoid and just expect it to go down hill. If it doesn't head that direction on it's own, I must immediately force it that way.... I could go on and on, but fortunately I have better things to do.

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