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Saturday, October 13, 2007

October 9, 2007- Dunno why this didn't post the first time.

I have gotten so much accomplished today. Lacy is still giving me a run for my money and making rethink the whole kid thing, but she is fun and just keeps me smiling. I love her to death. Mama and I were talking about how pretty she was and how much she has grown. She is so smart and social. It's too funny. I don't really have much other to say, still missing Zac, but he is doing a great job of staying in touch. Lacy has her own blog now. If you want the address, let me know. Lots of pictures are posted... Anyway, I guess I need to get some laundry done. Ciao!


Last night we went to Opelika and LaGrange to pick up the girls. Mom, Zoe and I spent the afternoon in LaGrange. We stopped in Valley for some Arby's and priester's samples from the boot outlet. It was yummy. I scared mama with a trick mouse in a box and Zoe with a man in an outhouse. We laughed and laughed. Once we finally pick up Brook and Bree, we headed home after wishing Brad a happy birthday. This morning, we completed our klan with Courtney. We played with Lacy, went to the park, went to my grandmother's old home place and a few more... adventures. The girls love to take adventures, which generally consists of me just telling them, "Let's go." Then us just driving and them finding out once we get there. They were so funny at Nanny's. They couldn't believe that things existed back then. Actually, it was stuff from the last residents, but they thought it was from waaaaayyyy back in the day. We spend a good bit of the afternoon at my house. The plan was to pick up pecans, but I don't think that was very successful. Daddy and the boys came over so everyone played and talked and it was LOUD!!!! Mama said she should have had that many kids and I said that I would have ran away a long time ago. Anyway, it was just very nice to be out and about. There were really no fusses and no arguing. A few little spats at times, but it all worked out. They have all fallen asleep now, but before they did they said, "Can we do it again tomorrow?" That just makes me smile because soon they will not want to spend their Saturday night with their grandmother and their aunt. They have been making plans for my baby and even choosing my last name as well as my children's names. They are just too funny about it all. We concluded that when I do have children, they will be spoiled because my girls will be old enough to do the spoiling.... of course they say that now, when the time comes, we will see if they actually have time to babysit. Anyway, I am going to try and relax a bit now, just wanted to share about our great day. I was going to write a lot more, but I am just tired and it all seems so blah... lol

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Tuesday- Only 17 more days....

It's only 17 days until my birthday. Hooray!!! I love holidays... of any kind, but especially birthdays. I think out of all the months that I could have been born, I am glad that I was born in October. It's one of my favorites! Anyway, it's a stormy rainy day today and it's just a good day to do nothing. So, I worked, rain some errands and came home and baked a cake for my mom. She is doing a great job on not smoking, so anything she wants... I try to give her. Anyway, I think I am getting sick. I just feel kind of yucky and stuffy. I have service league tonight and garden club meeting tomorrow. I do not know if I will feel up to going. I also want to do my daily walk today, but the weather kind of has put a damper on that... literally. ;) I'm off tomorrow and Friday instead of my usual Thursday and Friday, so I plan on just realxing and doing laundry. I don't really have much new thing to report. I have listed some stuff on ebay... I love that place. It's very addicting. Aside from that, things are pretty calm on the home front. Still able to hear from Zac daily and of course that just helps get my day started off right. Sometimes we don't have much to say, then other times, we are just as talkative as ever. At any rate, I still enjoy just holding the phone listening to him breath. Sometimes I wish I could just pick up the phone and call him instead of waiting for him to call me. I guess that's what they make email for, but I need instant gratification... The phone keeps ringing off the hook, but it's really no one I care to talk to, so I guess I should probably answer so they will stop calling. I don't recognize the number, so that's why I haven't answered. Anyway, gonna go enjoy the storm.