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Prepare yourself for the roller coaster ride of emotions... Be forewarned, this site is my vent site... I cannot be held responsible for what may be said on this blog. Often it's just little tidbits of useless information, but occassionally a wobbler post slips in and all my feelings are revealed. Sometimes they are sweet, sad or cheerful.... but oh when they aren't... well just let me go ahead and apologize now. lol What did you expect?

Friday, June 30, 2006

Been having trouble with Blogger so I haven't posted any this week since Monday. Ok, so Cassi comes home from camp today! Hooray! I can't wait to see her. We have missed her. She has called 3 times since she left, so I think she misses us a little bit too. Unfortunately we are leaving to go on our anniversary trip tonight or early morning. I mean good that we are going, but bummer that we won't see her that long. We were leaving today, but decided that we wanted to see her a bit first before we go. So tonight will be movie night. She loves when we just junka dn veg in front of the tv, and if you know me you know that doesn't happen very often, so we will do that tonight. Robert and I are going to Savannah for our anniversary. We will have been married 6 years. That is awesome. He is so amazing and Goad has really blessed us and our marriage. It has been said that which does not kill us, makes us stronger. That is soooo true! We had a horrible year last year. It wasn't all bad, but sadly the bad outweighed the good. Right there at the end though, God just came through for us as He ALWAYS does and things have been coming up roses since. I pray that it continues. That is why this trip is so special to us and very much needed. I am so excited. I cannot wait to take all of those wonderful photographs of the beautiful city. Robert was asking me yesterday what I had planned, I am a planner and so he knows I usually have it all laid out. Thankfully he likes that, but I figured we would plan together. The only thing that I could tell him was the outfits we would be wearing in our beahc pictures and the time of day that they would be made. He thought that was hilarious. He said, "All this time you have been planning this trip, and the one thing that you have down to exact details is our pictures!" What can I say? I love photography! And by gollly I meant we were going to have a family beach portrait made and that is exactly what we are going to do. Hopefully we will have another beach trip sometime in the future so Cass can have some beach pictures made too. She is in the perfect house, because she has gotten a bit of the photography bug herself. She loves to have her picture taken just as much as I love to take it. ;) So what else is new? I am goinng to pick out my new mattress today. The old one is defective and I am jsut tired of dealing with it, so I jsut want a pillow top like we used to have, so they are letting me trade. We currently have a memory foam. Going to get my truck clean up real pretty for the trip. It has bugs all over the front of it. YUCK! I have so much to do and I just want to take my time and relaz doing it. That means that my ocd meds are definitely working! If I had not been taking those, I would have been running around here since Monday and everything would already be packed and ready for the car. Ahhhh, life in the slow lane is good. ;) I guess that is reaally everything that is going on for now. I miss all of my babies. I want to take them all with me on the trip to Savannah. Courtney won't like the ride though and then Bree would be tired of walking and Brook would be scoping out the boys too much for us to get anywhere. So I guess it is just best that I take them later. After all it is our anniversary trip. and I want to see the sites and sounds of Georgia's first city. I will take them to boy watch another time! Oh, they are growing up too fast! They are so funny and so grown. I am posting a picture of them with the band Taken. They thought they were hot stuff. Uncle Larry bought them all shirts and cds. they had to get them autographed and have been burning up the cds ever since. I guess I really should be going now. I have to meet Robert at a drs appointment and he is almost off work. My next blog will be from Savannah!!!

Monday, June 26, 2006

There is nothing better than getting out of your car and seeing someone you haven't seen in a few months and the first words out of their mouth are, "You look like you have lost weight. You look good." How awesome was that!?!?!?!?! I couldn't hide the extra large grin on my face, so I happily replied, "I have. I have lost 20lbs. Thank you for noticing." I was so ecstatic! Thanks Margot!!!
So, where should I begin? I haven't posted since Saturday night, so I have some catching up to do. Ok, funny thing happened Saturday- Robert was looking for sauerjraut for my reuben when he came down and told me that we were out of kraut. I insited we had some and even described the can and everything. I guess I should have used the old trick my mom used to use on me, "If I go in there and find it, ______________." He finally agrees to go check again, then I hear him yell, "It's not a bean!" I cracked up laughing. I am the world's most anal person when it comes to putting away groceries and organizing the pantry. Everything has a spot, nice and labeled and like items are together. Well, I didn't have room where the kraut goes, so I just stuck it beside it on top of a can of beans, thinking no one would notice. I was soooo BUSTED! I am usually the one who fusses when something isn't where it is supposed to be, but not this time. I am trying to get control of my OCD and obviously my script is helping. Because I just wanted the darn kraut put away. It was just one of those you have to be there moments and know us to get the whole picture, but it was funny because Robert is a "I don't care, let's just get them put away anywhere they will fit" type person. I guess all of my fussing, I mean ahem, organization is rubbing off on him a bit... in a good way.
What else? Sunday was church. We had a nice relaxing afternoon and had a yummy brownine with ice cream and vacation planning. Went to see my mom. It seemed like I had not seen her in forever. I missed her!!! Last week was just really busy, so I didn't get to see her or talk to her like I usually do. Went to see Daddy. Casey was not home, of course. Mikey was there (he would kill me if he saw I had typed Mikey) Anyway, he has a mustache. Not just peach fuzz- a real live mustache. I about freaked, but I didn't comment and tell him how cute I thought it was, because he does NOT like to be called cute.
Today, I went to a drs appointment and had lunch with my brother. Wayde had to leave early so I took the crew back to the office. They all came in Wayde's big truck. You should have seemed them/us all piled into my Explorer. I have seating for 7, but everyone was too tall really. I don't think it was really as bad and they made it seem, but the comedy of Nick and my brother had everyone rolling with laughter. They are such clowns. I would have loved to have had my camera with me, but of course this time I did not!! I faired pretty well at the dr's office. I have some meds to try and help me sleep. We thought the OCD med's would help, but on such luck on that. I think it did improve my quality of sleep, but for some reason people need more than a a few hours of sleep a night. We shall see. The person who hates medicine is now just finding that maybe it really isn't all that bad. I guess partly that is because nothing I have ever been prescribed has really helped enough to deal with it before now.
I had a meeting tonight in Birmingham and had to get my tires rotated and oil changed. I also decided to look for a new vehicle, but really just kind of window shopped, by driving through. I didn't have any time for more than that today and did NOT want to have to fight off salesmen. I met Margot for dinner. We had Red Lobster. I had my usual- cajun chicken alfredo. It was yummy. I always enjoy hanging out with her, but sadly we do not get to do it often enough. I was able to see a few old friends at our Creative Memories meeting, where we worked on a Perfect Fit Class. We completed 20 pages in a few hours. They are simple, but they got the job done. I am too far behind to put too much effort into each layout. I decided to work on my home renovation album. Hopefully it won't take me long to complete it, as it will be an on going project until our house is finished. Of course, if experience tells me correctly, it will never be FINISHED. I guess that about sums it up. Pretty boring I guess. Oh, Cassi is gone to camp. She called me when she got there and I think she is enjoying herself. She was quick to comment on how many cute guys were there. Oh, Courtney has a new alternate personality.... apprarently Betty Lou has a sister- Susan. I have not met Susan yet, but Mama has. According to Courtney, er I mean Betty Lou - (in a twangy country voice while swinging her hips) "Betty Lou and Susan are doing FIIIINE just FIIIINE." Well, that's about all for now. See y'all tomorrow.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Today was a perfect day. Shortly after awaking this morning, the sound of running water was music to my ears. I love to have a nice relaxing bath and it's even better when someone draws it for me. It makes me feel like a princess. I was also offered breakfast, but I wasn't feeling very well, so I passed. It was a perfect start to a day. After my bath, we search for something awesome to do today. We couldn't decide, so we wasted a lot of the day doing that, but mainly just relaxing. We finally decided to go see the movie Cars. I was starving since I had skipped breakfast, so Robbie asked if I would eat a half of a sandwich. I couldn't resist, he made us a Reuben to split. I love Reubens!!! Well he made too much meat, so he fixed me a whole sandwich. Unfortunately, I ate it all! It was delish!!! It was a perfect start to a day. The movie was very cute. I I could not go to sleep last night, as the night before, so I got sleepy halfway through the movie. I managed to stay awake though. We rode around Auburn after the movie and looked at a few vehicles, then we went to Johnny Carino's. YUM!! This is one of my favorite places and I have not been since my birthday. Since I was so sick then, I wasn't able to enjoy it, so this was an extra special treat. We have planned on going several times, but always end up where everyone else wants to eat instead. Robert said this time we WOULD have Carino's. I am so full!!! I think most of it is from the water that I drank. I think I always fill up on it instead of the food. I guess that is a good thing though. It could be worse... it could be soda! Anyway, I was miserable coming home and I just hated myself. I hate that it is so late, and I am so full. I knew better than to eat so late, but I was trying to let the popcorn wear off. Honestly, I could have just had the few hands of popcorn and been good for the evening I think. So now I am home and was about to go to bed, but thought I should blog being I failed to last night. I was tired, so I skipped a bath and blogging, but couldn't go to sleep. Finally, I entertained myself with reflections of a book light and managed to wake Robert up in the process. We giggled at my silliness a while and finally I had worn myself out and I was able to go to sleep. I had not gone to sleep until around 4:30 Friday morning the night before, so I was looking forward to a good night's sleep last night. My body obviously had other plans. I did wake up in a good mood this morning, despite my few hours of sleep, so I guess the sleep was the good kind. I used to wake up in a good mood all the time... ahhh the good ol' days- back when I slept. LOL I have church in the morning, so I am going to try and go to sleep before 3am, so I suppose I should close the computer. I have made a vow of no fish for the weekend, so am having to refrain very hard not to just feed them or something. I have the time stopped, so there won't be any surprises when I play again on Monday. I am not a gaming person, but I love strategy puzzles and this is pretty much what fish tycoon is. I love it! I have finally outsmarted the fish... I think! We will see. Cassi is gone to Jessie's for the weekend, so I said we would just have some quality fish free time this weekend. So far so good. Anyway, really going to bed now. Ciao!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Tomorrow is Friday!!!(actually today is because I am posting this at 2:24am!!!) Woohoo!!! Why do I get so excited? I do not know. I do not work a "real" job and I do not go to school... I guess it is because Robbie only works a half day on Fridays. Most of the time anyway. Lately it has been later, but still "early". Today (Thursday= actually yesterday) was a very busy day. I woke up bright and early with a ncie big migraine. It's pretty much the norm, but has not been happening as much lately, so I just thought it was super crappy today. I scoured the house for my real deal pills, but couldn't find them. I think it only made it worse. I found them finally- in the medicine of all places!!! I decided against taking that as I don't exactly appreciate the hungover feeling- especially since I have never been hung over. I guess I should also add that I have never been drunk. Anyway, I decided to take something a little less potent- Mygrex. It used ot be my wonder drug, but I think I became immune. It took a big chunk of the headache away and then I decided I would not waste the day lying down in pain. I went and saw my mom and took her some caramel cherries. Yum!! (at least I hope they were) Then I went to the bank and picked up lunch for my mom and then back home for my lunch. Then I decided to go get Courtney, my middle niece. We went to several stores in town and then came home to swim. We finally bought some beach towels for the pool, but I still don't think we have enough. Anyway, we took Cass to ball practice and then went to buy groceries. Groceries that I did NOT need!!! I just went in to get pork chops I thought!!! Then I went back to get Cass and came home. By this time it was after 10 and we had not had dinner yet!!! So we ate, then I took care of the stupid fish!!! Oh and my brother has a new magic breed discovered. Yeah for him! I still only have one and at the rate I am going, that is all that I am going to have. I guess I should go now being Robert is now getting up to go to work and I have yet to go to sleep!!! I tried. I really did. Talk to you guys later! -Out-

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I'm so old!!! It is raining and I am excited about that! I remember as a kid adults talking about it needing to rain, but I was always shocked that someone would want it to rain and mess up a beautiful summer day. Now I understand. My grass is crunchy, ants are taking over my house and the lake levels are low and they can't even fill them up on the weekends. Whay do I care about all of this? Well one answer, I am obviously growing up. That's fun, but then again it's not at the same time.
It is raining!!!!
So it has rained in surrounnding areas several days lately. Yesterday it looked all cloudy and I even heard thunder. Hooray! I thought... then I pulled out of my drive way and drove about a mile down the road... rain drops were falling. I was so excited. So I get home and I say, "Did it rain here?" Unfortunately the reply was no! How could that be? It is like we have this huge umbrella over our house. But now the sun is shining and the rain is falling, a nice summer rain. It makes me want to run outside an play in it... If the girls were here we might, but they are not.
:( Well Cass is here, but she is totally veggin today, obviously I am too. My brother got me hooked on a stupid fish tycoon game. You have to create the different breeds of fish and sometimes you create a magic breed and it goes to your trophy case. Awesome! I can't do anything for staring at the stupid fish game. I turn it off, but then I can't stay away. My brother said I was pathetic because I am hooked.... of course he said that asa he was staring at his own fish. I wonder who has killed the most. The darns things don't like to live if you have a rare fragile breed... obviously that is the only thing I am creating because as of this minute I have killed and trashed 87 fish!!! Now, just last night I had only 13 and I've only been playing this game for about 42 hours. Now, keep in mind that it still goes even when you turn it off, so it has been 42 hours since I downloaded it. I have NOT been sitting at the computer for that long. Well not quite that long anyway.... ;)
Anyway, I guess that is it for now. I need to do something productive!!!

Monday, June 19, 2006

What can I say? It is Monday. We had a nice relaxing weekend. We heard the band Taken from Lagrange, GA Friday at church. They did a wonderful job! The girls really enjoyed it. I think they had more fun than the youth did. Let's see... After a long tiring weekend last weekend getting Cassi's room ready, Robert wanted a weekend we could do nothing. So that is what we did. We are obviously not good at doing that because we were bored out of our minds. He got up at 5:30 Saturday morning and cut grass, then we took some things to the dumpster that we had been wanting to get rid of, but that was pretty much the extent of our work. I finally got in the pool last night for a bit. It has been ready since April, but this was the first time I had gotten in it. Robert got in for a bit too. We did some weekly maintenance on it and that was pretty much it. The friendly bat got a little too close for my comfort, so I decided I would swim when it was not so crowded. hehe Cassi loves her new room. I was so afraid she would be upset that she had a smaller room now, but she loves it. We were joking yesterday that her punishment will have to be not going to her room... She said she has read the same magazine like 5 times since she has been home. She loves it! The room not the magazine. I have posted pics of the room before and after. This was formerly our guest bedroom and most recently Michaels. I thought the room wasn't so bad before, but now I realize that I was just in denial and I apologize to everyone that ever had to look at the unsightly images in that room. My deepest apologies! It was UGLY!! I can't wait to do the other rooms now. Of course this is one of the more ugly ones in the house, if not the ugliest, but we shall see. It will look brand new again soon. Hopefully!
It looks like it might rain. One could only wish! It rained twice last week, but did we get any here? Nope!!! It poured down rain in all the areas surrounding us, but not one little shower here. God knows that I can't remember to water my plants on my own and I need His help. My azaleas are now dead I think. A few were looking kind of shabby but I revived them. Then I went to Texas and all hope was lost. When I came back they are all droopy and kind of brown. I wonder if I actually get them planted if they might come alive... Hmm One could only hope!