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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Random ramblings

I don't have much time, but I am going to try and bring everyone up to speed. OK, first off, my sister had her surgery and she did great. She is at home recovering. My brother is still working on my new website. The hold up isn't his problem, it's mine. I have to get him the requested info. So... sorry about that. Hmm, I took care of the girls while my sister was in the hospital, which also entailed taking care of the animals. I succeeded in caring for the girls- the animals, not so sure. Biscuit, Cocoa, Brook, Bree and myself all shared the bed. Cocoa had most of it.

The progress on my wall is coming along nicely. We are actually getting the cabinets in there today. Hooray! Robert's mom is coming this weekend. She will be here for a week. His birthday is Monday. He will be 33. We have tickets to go see air supply on Tuesday. I also have a service league meeting and Sis meeting. I will not be attending those I suppose. Tammy G. gave us the tickets and so I promised her that we would go. I offered to let Robert and his Mom go. He says he will see. lol I guess that is about it for now. I am exciting about the holiday season coming up. I have a few bookings that I am especially excited about and I just finished placing a senior portrait order. I cannot wait to get those back next week. The daycare order is completed and they were very pleased. The director called me to tell me that the center in Lineville was mad and wanted to know why their pictures didn't look like the Roanoke centers. Bill Miller did the Lineville centers. That was an especially good compliment. It made my day.
Oh, I had Garden club yesterday. We made Holiday make and take decorations. We were each on a team and we didn't finish ours. I did however manage to glue my thumb and pointer finger together. As did most on my team. The funny thing about that is that we didn't even use any glue!!! I really should go and help with the wall now. I can't wait until it is finished. Talk soon. ciao!

Oh, I almost forgot, Cassi won class beauty and 1st runner up in Miss Panacea. She did GREAT!

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