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Monday, October 30, 2006

Good Monday Morning to Ya!

Today is a Bea-utiful day!!! Ahhh, I love Autumn. This reminds me of a Barney song, but I will spare you the performance. I will save that for Friday when my sister is recovering at home from her surgery and she will be in the bed and forced to lie there and listen to me cheer, dance, sing, etc... Why would I do this you might ask? Well, because it's fun to torture and give flashbacks, especially when there isn't a thing she can do about it. Isn't that what litle sisters are for? Hey, my brother will be there too, wonder if I could trap him into watching. Muhahahahah! It will just like the good ol' days. My sister will just shake her head and scream, "Make it stop!" and my brother will make fun of me. Ahh, I can't wait! How exciting!!!
Now, as I sit here eating my nutrious bowl of macaroni and cheese, you might realize that we were out of milk. No big deal, as I don't really enjoy milk like most americans. If you know me at all, you would probably know that I would take mac and cheese any time - any place. So I am not too sad about not eating "breakfast" at breakfast. Besides I have to clean out my fridge so that I can put everything into my new one.
Speaking of new fridge (this is too cool, it requires a paragraph of its own) I have the coolest freaking fridge EVER!!!! I have drank exactly 1 1/2 cups of water this morning. You know how I know? My fridge told me I did!!! It measures water in pints, cups and liters. How awesome is that!! Me, being as obsessive as I am, started my fridge journey on the internet. Then I went to Auburn and went to every. single. store. that. sells. appliances. The first store was REX, I was looking at some of their clearance items. There were some nice items and they had a fridge that was even stainless on the sides. Cool. Then I saw it. The fridge with all the gadgets. The customer rep proceeded to show me all the other cool features, and I asked him not to do that because I was a gadget person and then I would have to have that fridge. I was there for function not fun. I checked out all the others refrigerators and nothing caught my fancy, so I jotted down the information for the gadget fridge and was on my merry way. I get in the car, make a phone call to have my sister do a price check and tell her about the coolest fridge ever!! I then journeyed over to Sears, found the exact fridge, only twice the price. Great! lol They price matched for me and gave me an additional 10% off. Excellent. I jotted down that info and finally proceeded to the remaining stores. Finally, I found my fridge at Lowe's. I could just hear the chorus singing, *hallelujah, hallelujah* It was there, and it was less, but even better was they had the previous model, so it was a bit less. Then above the fridge was a big sign that had the words SOLD. So I get a worker to see if they can check another store. Guess what? They have another one in the back, untouched by grubby fingerprints. Hooray! Happy BIrthday to me! I quickly paid for my purchase, opted for the extended warranty and delivery. It would be here Wednesday. Which fridge did I get? You guessed it. The gadget fridge.
Now mind you I just HAD to have that fridge installed before my birthday. Check! Ummm, then why is the old fridge sitting in my dining room? Because I have yet to move the food. You see, I decided since I had a new fridge, I really needed to get back to work on my kitchen. So I decided I wanted to paint it. Again! Ok, no biggie. Then why did I purchase floor tile? Which then led to me getting trim for my cabinets and of course a new paint color for them. Well, one cannot have new paint on every surface and not paint the walls. So I did that too. Now, who wants to come help? Tomorrow, I will have had the floor tile for 1 week. It sits nice in the boxes by the ac return. It looks real nice! I hope it will look even better installed.
This week has a glorious outlook. Last week was kind of crazy, did everything get fixed that was going wrong? Let's take a look.
Monday- Purchase a refrigerator. Check!
Tuesday- Cassi and Casey had a wreck. Spend all day at ER. Check!
Wednesday- Ignore harrassing calls from the other family involved in the wreck. Check!
Wednesday- Johnny Carino's taking care of the big bad mistake. Check!
Wednesday- Chop up kitchen cabint to get fridge to fit. Check1
Wednesday- Put fire out that got on porch. Check!
Thursday- Go to lunch with friends for my birthday. Their treat. Good thing 'cause Johnny Carino's has MESSED me up! Check!
Thursday- Ignore harrassing calls from the other family involved in the wreck. Check!
Friday- Beg bank to take care of the portion of the mistake that Johnny Carino's did not take care of. Check!
Friday- Inform Johnny's that their money has not came through yet.- Check!
Oh the list goes on, but thankfully alls well that ends well. And well, it's just ended and I'm glad of that.
Now for the list of this week... this will be a pleasant week according to the outlook forecast.
Monday- Laundry rotations and straighting up from Sunday.
Tuesday- Painting and trick or treating with my brother and Courtney.
Wednesday- Court aginst Dan (sorry contractor who if he would have done his job, I would NOT have all this crap to do in my kitchen because my kitchen would be my sewing room.) Trick or treating with Courtney and my brother.
Thursday- Surgery with sister. Pick up Cassi's pageant dress.
Friday- Take care of sister and do last minute prep for Cassi's pageant.
Saturday- Doll Cassi up for pageant. Take pictures of her being crowned. (hey wishful thinking, but I did say the forecast looked bright) Go to the fall festival and show off Cassi's crown. (again wishful thinking, but optimisim is way more attractive than pessimisim)

Oh and I am LOVING the new time. I have to go now and work on my chores for the day and then get to work on website. First, I must call my mother. Talk soon. Love.

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