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Thursday, February 15, 2007

I enjoy being high....

on life that is. Life is great! Isn't wonderful to be alive and healthy. Even more wonderful to be a child of God. I am just enjoying today and the wonderful life that I have. No, things are not perfect, nor will they ever be, but if I had to choose another life I don't think I would. I have everything that I need and even more than I could wish to have. I have a great family and a warm home and a happy heart. I am blessed!

The Science fair was today. Cassi got 2nd place. All she wanted was honorable mention. She nows get to go Glenwood. I am a germ freak and she is now becoming one. She cultured school surfaces and then we watched them grow. It was NASTY! Hoever, that nasty got her 2nd place, so HOORAY FOR GERMS! lol

I guess I am going now. I am having to find a new cell phone provider. Cingular is terminating our coverage at the end of this month. Apparently we are in their service area. They just decided this after 6 years, so here we go starting from scratch again. Oh well. It is horrible that they only gives us a month to change. Cassi just got new accessories for her phone for Christmas and now she can't even use them. I think we should have been grandfathered in since we had been with them so long. If nothing else, they could have at least let us wait until our contract ran out. Have a wonderfully blessed day!


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