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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I am blogging due to popular demand... hehe

Here you go.
It was once said that life is what happens while you're busy making other plans. That is exactly what has been my deal lately. Actually I think that is the theme of my life. I make plans and that happens, but for some odd reason so does all sorts of other stuff that I don't plan on happening. For instance, our heat pump has been out of commission for a few days. It was around 43 degrees in this house. Of course it took me 3 days to realize that something must be wrong with it and my cheap alter ego was going to have to bite the bullet and call someone. A real professional. This was not something I could handle on my own. Trust me, I know. I tried.... lol So after several repair calls and finally someone able to come "tomorrow" (which is now today) things are finally starting to heat up around here. It is costing me $240.00, but that is a small price to pay for the luxurious comfort of warm air!!! (I am purposely ending this sentence with a preposition)

Cassi was officially asked to the prom. Of course it was by Kane. They really get on my nerves. They will probably end up married, but that will be ok, he is an Auburn fan. We went looking for dresses a bit Saturday, no luck. The hunt continues. We had a wonderfully awesome dinner at Johnny Carino's. The total bill for the four of us, (Robert, Cassi, Casey and me) was a whopping total of $23.38. If you have EVER eaten at Johnny's (as Bree calls it) then you will immediately recognize that amount for even two people is a small miracle. So how did we do it? Well we decided to try the family portion. We all had a choice of unlimited soup or salad or a mixture, bread of course and we all decided on Chicken Gorgonzola for our main dish. It was supposed to feed 2-3 people. It was enough for all of us to have seconds and there was still some left over. Delicious!!! There is nothing better that garlic sauteed mushrooms! YUM! TO make the small miracle even bigger, it only cost me $3.28. How do you do it, you might asking. Well it is simple, saince Johnny' Carino's once overcharged me and screwed up my bank account clost to $1,000. They were kind enough to send me $50.00 in gift certificates and a free dessert coupon. RObert and I used $30. worth on one meal and I had twenty left. I was saving it for their meal for two special taht they have in slow months, but decided since the girls have worked for several Saturdays in a row without complaining one biut and without any pay, I would take them out for a nice dinner. So our grand total comes to a whopping $1,003.28. Not bad for a family of four, huh? LOL

Ok, so the girls started softball practice yesterday. Casey had been so excited, but now she is discouraged, as this is her first year. She chose cleats for her payment. Cassi wants a bat for hers. Cassi on the other hand enjoyed practice. She has improved a lot and is being very encouraging with Casey which is a good thing. We spent a small fortune on softball gear last year and Saturday that small fortune grew even larger. Maybe they will use it till is shreds. lol And the injuries begin... Cassi got hit in the jaw yesterday. Last year you would have thought she was beaten as much as she was banged up. It looked horrible. She was a good sport though. This will be good for both of them. Tomorrow they go for a checkup and their physicals. They get to miss school, so they are super excited. lol

I have weird cultures growing on my kitchen table. I have officially passed my germ phobia on to others. Soon we will be a small cult. Cassi took samples of all kinds of yucky germ infested public places and put them in an incubator for 48 hours. Man did they ever grow. Yesterday Daddy was looking at them and I said, "Umm, you might want to wash your hands." He threw down the petrie dish he was hol.ding it was so funny. Then when he realized what all that stuff was he was like, "Well it's growing." lol So this weekend will be Science project weekend. Cassi has to do her pictures and Casey has to take pictures for hers.... but of feet! I don't know and I'm not asking. I'm just supplying the camera.

I really need to get to work now as bills don't pay themselves. hehe I have someone coming for graduation invitations today and then someone coming about her shoot on Saturday, so I should make myself presentable. It is just so cold! I hate to move.

I just finsihed my delicious bowl of oatmeal with pecans and cranberries. It was scrumptiously delicious, so now I must bid farewell. Oh, before I do, my website is now open for business. The address is www.creativeimpressionsphotography.com
Check it out. My brother did a great job.

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