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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The last time I blogged was 2 weeks ago. A lot has happened since then. My Dad had surgery, then i went into the hosptial, then I checked out of the hospital and Dad went back in. Sister has been sick and so has my Mom. My Mom really probably should be in the hospital, but she is a little on the stubborn side, so I get it honest. Cassi entered the school science fair and won 2nd place. Then she went to district and won 2nd again, Tomorrow is the big day! The state science fair. We are excited and nervous and scared and probably most of all tired. We have redone the project for a 3rd time now. The finishing touches and the lights are being wired now. Thanks to Uncle Brad and Uncle Larry for loaning us the vital pieces of the display. I have taken some cute photos of some adorable babies. They have been just precious. You can view those on my website. www.creativeimpressionsphotography.com
I guess that is really all that I have to update on now. I am sure there is more, but can't think right now. Oh Robbie did great on his state merit test for the dept of conservation, so maybe he will get called for an interview. I guess I am going to help some more on this project. We are having trouble with the lights. Have a blessed Thursday!

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