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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Today is Wednesday.

That means that it is a Dallas night. It seems that on Wednesday I go to Dallas and he, Jessica, Josh and I all go to Buffalo's for Bash Night(all you can eat hot wings). That is one of my favorite things to do. It's not because I love hot wings, but it's because I love that Zac is so family oriented and I love hanging with Josh and Jessica. My family doesn't really hang out except on major holidays and then that just seems rushed. I'm just a family oriented person and I like that they are too. So I must decide on what I am wearing and make the long journey to Dallas for the week. It's my weekend in Georgia, so we are going to see a movie. I have to catch up on the first two of the series first. Anyway, Robert's not sure about a closing for the house, so now we (Mom and I) are looking to put it on the market or move into it ourselves. I wouldn't mind just moving into it, but I sure do hate that I have moved my stuff out already just to move it back in again. I guess that would be ok though. Hopefully Robert will know something one way or the other this week. The biggest thing right now is we don't know if he's getting the house or not, so we don't know what to do and are sort of at a stand still. Meanwhile, I have finally started scrapbooking again and am working on my Book of Me. This is the album that I insist that De and I do so that future generations would know who was the one taking all the pictures. I got as far as my title page, which is usually the last page that is done, and pretty much quit. That was probably 2.5 years ago and I am now finally doing another page. I have worked on 3 different layouts this week and they are finished except adding some photos and maybe a few journaled pieces. This album is very different because it's more like an autobiography or a research paper. Usually I can just tell what everyone was doing at the moment, but this book takes some thinking. It has been fun though scrapping again. I have quite a bit of dough "invested" in my scrapping supplies, so I might as well use it. One of the ebst parts of De and I getting together was that we had our favorite late night treat of noodles with sour cream and mushrooms. This was a weekly treat in high school, but you have to eat it late at night. So we did and it was scrumptious! Well I need to go and wash some clothes and pick out my attire. Have a great week!

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