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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Time has flown since I last blogged.

Today is a dreary cold and rainy day, but I love it! I have a nice cup of cocoa and am just feeling good. I want to do alot of things around the house, but then I think that it could wait until tomorrow. I should enjoy th rainy weather. Ahhhh, I love fall. Let's see what all has happened since I blogged last.

My spider bite is almost gone. We (my mother, sister and younger nieces) went to Babyland General in Cleaveland. The girls adopted babies. After Baby Land General, we went to Helen for a kraut dog and german potato salad. It was Oktoberfest and we wanted to see all they had to offer for the celebration. It was very fun, a bunch of people drinking, but still fun. Surpringly, the do NOT serve kraut dogs after 5:00 in Helen. LOL Why? We have no idea!
We were going to North Carolina, but decided not to. Instead we went to a corn maze and hayride. We were able to go hay bale jumping, which to our surprise wqas VERY fun! Our car wouldn't start after we left though, so it was a good thing that we didn't go to North Carolina. We had a wonderful time, but next time we would love for the ENTIRE family to go on our adventure with us. We had fun!

I am now a member of the Roanoke Garden Club, which if you have seen my plants, then you would think that was hilarious. And it is... BUT... I will learn a lot being in the club and really enjoyed my first meeting. The topic was Landscaping 101 and that was right up my alley.

My hot cocoa is not so hot anymore, so I guess I should go and drink that. I promise it won't be as long as it was this time before I blog again. I know I have loyal fans. ;) Thanks for being patient.

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