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Friday, September 29, 2006

Been really busy

but I thought I would take a minute to write a few lines for me fans. LOL!

So my brother bought a new truck. It's pretty sharp.
My sister is having a hysterectomy. I am worried that she isn't letting her true feelings show and I keep trying to tell her that it is ok to be confused, happy and sad all at the same time. I told her to go to www.hystersisters.com
That is a great site! When I was going through the same feelings last year it really helped me deal. If any of you guys are faced with that decision or possibility, check it out. It's wonderful!

Spider bite is healing, well I guess it is anyway. The redness seems more concentrated now rather than all spread out as before. Been taking the antibiotics like crazy. I do NOT want this thing to get infected! Out insurance runs out next week, so anything crazy that is going to happen, needs to go ahead and happen.
Not sure if I blogged since the LaGrange ER gave me sulfa drugs- which I am allergic to!!!! It is scary how incompetant people are these days, especially those which we trust our lives.

Robbie has a job interview tomorrow. This is his second interview with a marketing company. They called him back on Monday after his frist interview. He would be handling the marketing for Bell South and Quill.

Mama is sick. She has the flu or something. Her fever was 104!!! No there is not supposed to be a decimal there. Thankfully she seems to be getting a little better.

Photography is going pretty good. I delivered football shots today. I am delivering daycare proofs tomorrow and meeting about a pageant at the high school. I need the jobs right now and I figure that this is God's way of kicking me in the butt to get my business rolling. Robbie's company made huge cutbacks and so this kick in the butt couldn't have come at a better time.

Mrs. Bonnie and I started walking today. We were going to start off slow and build up to 3 miles, but we walked the whole 3 miles today. It was very nice out and the fellowship was fantastic. We hope to get some more people walking with us.

I guess that it about it for now. I shall go and try to rest. Oh!
My mama is going to try and convince my entire family to go on a day trip this weekend to Baby Land General. It is where the Cabbage Patch Kids are born. I love that place! I do hope that everyone will say, "Yes!" It will be great quality family time! Courtney's birthday wish was that she would be able to spend more time with her family, so this would be a great way to grant that wish! I just hope everyone else thinks it is a fun idea. Anyway, good night. I will blog more tomorrow.

Oh visit my new website- www.creativeimpressionsphotography.com
It is still under contruction, but it is going to be so awesome when it is finished!
Good night everyone. Love you all!!

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