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Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Today was pretty lame. We took inventory of our entire food supply. LOL I am trying to utilize what we have as we have a tendancy to buy what we want and just keep the rest stored for later. With what we had on hand we have planned 35 meals and still had plenty to keep going, but I got tired. Of course we did have to get a few things, but that was only a total of $50.00 worth. With cleaning products, it came to close to 90.00. Still not bad. So, we went to church tonight. I missed my brother there tonight. Then we went to get groceries. I love my s'mores set that Gigi got me for Christmas. It is quite handy. However, once I gain 30 pounds from eating marshmallows each night until I get the perfectly toasted layers, I might not think so. Now keep in mind, I have a gas stove and so in the past when I have had a desire for roasted marshmallows, I wouild roast them on that. It wasn't often, but enough to hold me over until fall. Great, perfect, wonderful! That is until now. I think I have to have them every few days. So... what else is going on? Nothing really. The job serch continues. I am shooting some basketball teams this weekend. That should be a good gig. The photos have been shipped from the pageant so I am excited to see how they turn out. I also stress about them until they get here and I can look over them. I am just always so nervous and frantic. I guess that about sums it up for now. I need to go as it is almost midnight. Maybe I can write more tomorrow. See ya later!

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