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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I got my laptop back!!! After a LONNNNNG time... it is finally fixed. my battery isn't being recognized, but the power supply works! Woohoo!! We go Friday to the last Science fair that we have scheduled. I had some awesome pictures delivered yesterday and am waiting on some more today. I guess life is pretty boring otherwise. Robert's job search is still on, had a phone interview with a company from Mississippi. So Robbie is excited about that.
Someone hit the back of my truck and knocked off my Auburn hitch cover and broke it. That was not a happy finding, not to mention the big white scratch going across the bumper. To make it worse, it was in my own yard. It just seems like life just keeps piling things on us, but that's cool. We're strong.
We got our new cell phones, but we couldn't port the numbers. Roanoke Telephone Company sucks!!! So now we have Southern Lincs. Our power bill from last month came it was almost 300.00!! That is extremely high for us, but it was because of our heat pump messing up last month. So everything continues to pile and we survive. Thank God for that!!! He always comes through and He will again! Oh I took some photos at our old church Saturday. I lvoed seeing everyone. It really felt like home again. I miss them. Anyway, I guess I will be going now, UPS just came with my last package. See ya!

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