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Sunday, April 01, 2007

So... My butt is tired!!!

Literally!!! I did not go to bed until 4 yesterday morning, then got up at 8 to drive my Dad to get my little brother. It was like 13 hours total. To make the trip even worse... my dad is not into music like I am. It made him nervous. lol My reply was take a nerve pill old man. lol Of course being the perfect daughter I turned the music off entirely. No one would say anything. SO that even made me sleepier. My little sister went with us. Occassionally she would say something.. but she pretty much slept which made me jealous! lol I wanted to sleep! Finally I had to turn the music back on. I told my dad, that I was sorry but I couldn't handle it I was tired and they weren't talking me so the music was keeping me awale. Finally he was ok with it, if I agreed to turn the bass down. I mean seriously dude... so I turned it downa bit and man it sucked! My sister was on my side on this one... she said the music was relaxing. lol My little brother Chris is the sweetest little boy. He evens opens doors for his sisters and he is only 10!!! It takes me back to when Michael was his age, I miss those times. That was when he liked me. The now almost 15 year old does good to even respond to a question. He did however ask me to go eat lunch with him when his school had a thing for family day. However, by the time the day came, I was no longer allowed to go. He said I gave his friends too much information. lol I had done enough damage according to him. I did a shoot at his school a few weeks back and his buddies were hanging around while I was shooting. They said that last year Michael acted like he was dumb. Acted being the operative word here... I responded, "Yeah. That boy is smarter than he lets on to be. Don't him fool you." I thought I did a good thing to take up for him... however, according to him this was the wrong thing to do!

I am trying to cleaqn up my scrapbooking room, it is a disaster. I have been wanting to sew lately, but I couldn't get to my stuff. lol, so I figured I better do something. Plus, it is a real downer when your scrapping buddy calls to see if you want to scrapbook and your reply is, "I have scrapbooking stuff in there?" lol I knew it of course, but couldn't tell you where it was. lol

I got bit by another spider or something... I had a med consult today with Mrs. Bonnie. I have instructions to go to the dr tomorrow and get an antibiotic as it is tunnelling.. ewww and now my lymphnodes are swollen. Thanks alot! I know one thing the bite hurts, but I think the lymph nodes might hurt even worse than that! I guess I will get back to cleaning,, so I can have my nightly chats with tha girls. See ya!

Oh, Quick niece updates... Courtney, (middle niece, 7) has been chosen to be tested for gifted... and everyone says she is me made over.. hmm now I believe them. ;)

Bree (last niece, 6) is only in Kindergarten, but is really enjoying the Goosebumps series. This girl reads larger books than I do.

Brook (oldest, 10) had her pre-prientation for middle school. I'm about in tears over that. I have chosen her extracurricular activites for her... lol I even convinced her that she would be adorable in a golf outfit and that she should be on the golf team.

Cass (newest addition, 17) is currently looking for a prom date. Why? BEcause her other date is a jerk and well.. he doesn't deserve to be accompanied by someone as lovely as she.

Ok, think that's really it now. Later!!!

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