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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I'm so old!!! It is raining and I am excited about that! I remember as a kid adults talking about it needing to rain, but I was always shocked that someone would want it to rain and mess up a beautiful summer day. Now I understand. My grass is crunchy, ants are taking over my house and the lake levels are low and they can't even fill them up on the weekends. Whay do I care about all of this? Well one answer, I am obviously growing up. That's fun, but then again it's not at the same time.
It is raining!!!!
So it has rained in surrounnding areas several days lately. Yesterday it looked all cloudy and I even heard thunder. Hooray! I thought... then I pulled out of my drive way and drove about a mile down the road... rain drops were falling. I was so excited. So I get home and I say, "Did it rain here?" Unfortunately the reply was no! How could that be? It is like we have this huge umbrella over our house. But now the sun is shining and the rain is falling, a nice summer rain. It makes me want to run outside an play in it... If the girls were here we might, but they are not.
:( Well Cass is here, but she is totally veggin today, obviously I am too. My brother got me hooked on a stupid fish tycoon game. You have to create the different breeds of fish and sometimes you create a magic breed and it goes to your trophy case. Awesome! I can't do anything for staring at the stupid fish game. I turn it off, but then I can't stay away. My brother said I was pathetic because I am hooked.... of course he said that asa he was staring at his own fish. I wonder who has killed the most. The darns things don't like to live if you have a rare fragile breed... obviously that is the only thing I am creating because as of this minute I have killed and trashed 87 fish!!! Now, just last night I had only 13 and I've only been playing this game for about 42 hours. Now, keep in mind that it still goes even when you turn it off, so it has been 42 hours since I downloaded it. I have NOT been sitting at the computer for that long. Well not quite that long anyway.... ;)
Anyway, I guess that is it for now. I need to do something productive!!!

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Martha said...

Ah yes, one sure sign of aging: talking about the weather! Be it heat, cold, or precipitation. When I was growing up I always thought HOW LAME that parent/grandparents talked about the weather. Is there nothing else interesting? Yes, but weather is important to us when we get a little bit older, or mature as I prefer to think about it!