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Monday, June 26, 2006

There is nothing better than getting out of your car and seeing someone you haven't seen in a few months and the first words out of their mouth are, "You look like you have lost weight. You look good." How awesome was that!?!?!?!?! I couldn't hide the extra large grin on my face, so I happily replied, "I have. I have lost 20lbs. Thank you for noticing." I was so ecstatic! Thanks Margot!!!
So, where should I begin? I haven't posted since Saturday night, so I have some catching up to do. Ok, funny thing happened Saturday- Robert was looking for sauerjraut for my reuben when he came down and told me that we were out of kraut. I insited we had some and even described the can and everything. I guess I should have used the old trick my mom used to use on me, "If I go in there and find it, ______________." He finally agrees to go check again, then I hear him yell, "It's not a bean!" I cracked up laughing. I am the world's most anal person when it comes to putting away groceries and organizing the pantry. Everything has a spot, nice and labeled and like items are together. Well, I didn't have room where the kraut goes, so I just stuck it beside it on top of a can of beans, thinking no one would notice. I was soooo BUSTED! I am usually the one who fusses when something isn't where it is supposed to be, but not this time. I am trying to get control of my OCD and obviously my script is helping. Because I just wanted the darn kraut put away. It was just one of those you have to be there moments and know us to get the whole picture, but it was funny because Robert is a "I don't care, let's just get them put away anywhere they will fit" type person. I guess all of my fussing, I mean ahem, organization is rubbing off on him a bit... in a good way.
What else? Sunday was church. We had a nice relaxing afternoon and had a yummy brownine with ice cream and vacation planning. Went to see my mom. It seemed like I had not seen her in forever. I missed her!!! Last week was just really busy, so I didn't get to see her or talk to her like I usually do. Went to see Daddy. Casey was not home, of course. Mikey was there (he would kill me if he saw I had typed Mikey) Anyway, he has a mustache. Not just peach fuzz- a real live mustache. I about freaked, but I didn't comment and tell him how cute I thought it was, because he does NOT like to be called cute.
Today, I went to a drs appointment and had lunch with my brother. Wayde had to leave early so I took the crew back to the office. They all came in Wayde's big truck. You should have seemed them/us all piled into my Explorer. I have seating for 7, but everyone was too tall really. I don't think it was really as bad and they made it seem, but the comedy of Nick and my brother had everyone rolling with laughter. They are such clowns. I would have loved to have had my camera with me, but of course this time I did not!! I faired pretty well at the dr's office. I have some meds to try and help me sleep. We thought the OCD med's would help, but on such luck on that. I think it did improve my quality of sleep, but for some reason people need more than a a few hours of sleep a night. We shall see. The person who hates medicine is now just finding that maybe it really isn't all that bad. I guess partly that is because nothing I have ever been prescribed has really helped enough to deal with it before now.
I had a meeting tonight in Birmingham and had to get my tires rotated and oil changed. I also decided to look for a new vehicle, but really just kind of window shopped, by driving through. I didn't have any time for more than that today and did NOT want to have to fight off salesmen. I met Margot for dinner. We had Red Lobster. I had my usual- cajun chicken alfredo. It was yummy. I always enjoy hanging out with her, but sadly we do not get to do it often enough. I was able to see a few old friends at our Creative Memories meeting, where we worked on a Perfect Fit Class. We completed 20 pages in a few hours. They are simple, but they got the job done. I am too far behind to put too much effort into each layout. I decided to work on my home renovation album. Hopefully it won't take me long to complete it, as it will be an on going project until our house is finished. Of course, if experience tells me correctly, it will never be FINISHED. I guess that about sums it up. Pretty boring I guess. Oh, Cassi is gone to camp. She called me when she got there and I think she is enjoying herself. She was quick to comment on how many cute guys were there. Oh, Courtney has a new alternate personality.... apprarently Betty Lou has a sister- Susan. I have not met Susan yet, but Mama has. According to Courtney, er I mean Betty Lou - (in a twangy country voice while swinging her hips) "Betty Lou and Susan are doing FIIIINE just FIIIINE." Well, that's about all for now. See y'all tomorrow.

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