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Friday, June 23, 2006

Tomorrow is Friday!!!(actually today is because I am posting this at 2:24am!!!) Woohoo!!! Why do I get so excited? I do not know. I do not work a "real" job and I do not go to school... I guess it is because Robbie only works a half day on Fridays. Most of the time anyway. Lately it has been later, but still "early". Today (Thursday= actually yesterday) was a very busy day. I woke up bright and early with a ncie big migraine. It's pretty much the norm, but has not been happening as much lately, so I just thought it was super crappy today. I scoured the house for my real deal pills, but couldn't find them. I think it only made it worse. I found them finally- in the medicine of all places!!! I decided against taking that as I don't exactly appreciate the hungover feeling- especially since I have never been hung over. I guess I should also add that I have never been drunk. Anyway, I decided to take something a little less potent- Mygrex. It used ot be my wonder drug, but I think I became immune. It took a big chunk of the headache away and then I decided I would not waste the day lying down in pain. I went and saw my mom and took her some caramel cherries. Yum!! (at least I hope they were) Then I went to the bank and picked up lunch for my mom and then back home for my lunch. Then I decided to go get Courtney, my middle niece. We went to several stores in town and then came home to swim. We finally bought some beach towels for the pool, but I still don't think we have enough. Anyway, we took Cass to ball practice and then went to buy groceries. Groceries that I did NOT need!!! I just went in to get pork chops I thought!!! Then I went back to get Cass and came home. By this time it was after 10 and we had not had dinner yet!!! So we ate, then I took care of the stupid fish!!! Oh and my brother has a new magic breed discovered. Yeah for him! I still only have one and at the rate I am going, that is all that I am going to have. I guess I should go now being Robert is now getting up to go to work and I have yet to go to sleep!!! I tried. I really did. Talk to you guys later! -Out-

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