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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Some people live in a soap opera...

I live in a drama. Robbie went back to work on Monday. Guess what. He had been repalced. Even though I had called them at least twice a week and everyday when he was in the hosptial. They told me the documentation to get and I had everything. You would think they would have told me on Friday when I called them a million times trying to make sure everything was in order, but noooo. They wait for him to come in at 4 am Monday morning. Then his boss wasn't even there to tell him. Oh the nerve of some people. the worst aprt is, not one single person asked about him from there. That sucks majorly. I guess people are just losing their compassion. Oh well. All's well that ends well and I guess that ended well because it is part of God's perfect plan. Now I myself am a planer and I know God gets the biggest kick out of me making my plans, but I can't help it. At least I provide him some good entertainment because He has let me know more than once that my plans don't always go with what He has in mind. I am trying to make sure that I listen so that He will maybe let me have a little say in the plans he has in store. If ntohing else, maybe he could give a me a clue on the route to take. I tell you this choosing the wrong road stuff is hard work. Oh why oh why doesn't he just call me up on the phone or send me an email? It would be so much easier. He doesn't though and He certainly didn't promise that things would be easy. I know the reason that He doesn't is because my faith doesn't grow if I get the easy answers. Just like in school, when you are given the answers you don't learn anything, but when you are forced to trial and error or finding the answers for yourself, you get so much more out of the deal. I must not be a fast learner, or I probably don't listen. LOL Whatever the case- I am sure he gets frustrated with me from time to time... and that is an understatement to say the elast. Now, that I have given the moral lesson for today on gaining wisdom and faith I guess I should continue to give me blog update.

Cassi got her report card. She made some improvements and some things came down, but not too bad. Robbie is looking for work, as I am looking to go back to work full time until we can get worked out again. Robbie is worried that my health will decline again, but I told him I have to do what I have to do. I think the problem in the past has been that is has been physically exausting and too harsh on my body. I am looking for something a little more calm this go round. Robbie and I have been playing family games each night to relax. We are addicted. I slaughtered him yesterday in Monopoly and then again last night in Phase 10. He was not a happy camper and we ended up ending the game early. I told him he was a sore loser and he agreed. LOL It was funny seeing him act like that, because it is totally not like him. I guess that is why he loves his X-Box so much. He doesn't have to play with anyone but the computer. lol

I am shooting a pageant next week at Handley. THat makes me very nervous because that is my Alma Mater. Talk about being put under pressure.I am sure it will be fun and a learning experience. hopefully it will get me some senior jobs. If I could get more business then I wouldn't have to go back to work. I just balanced my checkbook and somewhere there is 4.66 missing and it is driving me crazy. I don't know where it went, so I just entered it and figured it would even things out. I am not in the mood to do it now. It is too depressing. My brother's birthday is Saturday. Tomorrow I am being treated to lunch by friends. I guess they pity my life drama. lol It always is good to have people cheer you up, especially friends like mine. It is a shame when some of the people you need most aren't there for you. Some people can be very selfish and self centered at times... no matter the expense to others. I guess we all can be though. That's just part of life.

On a happy note... I have THE BEST Aunt Nancy ever. She was awesome when Robbie was in the hosptial. I had a home cooked meal every night (even when it was horribly late) and a nice cozy bed waiting for me. Then in the morning, I had wonderful fellowship with her and a yummy breakfast of homemade oatmeal with all sorts of healthy goodies. Just the way I like it. I always have loved to stay there and this was the first time in my "grown up years" that I have been able to do so. I have always strived to be just like her and want my nieces to feel the same way about me and my house. She is the best! I think she could be a Stepford wife. LOL I have been craving some more of that oatmeal, but I doubt mine will be made homemade. I will probably just add the healthy goodies to the not so healthy instant pack variety. lol

Courtney is on the task of setting Mama up with someone. She is trying to recruit people for the cause. She is hilarious about the whole deal. She knows exactly what she wants her grandpa to have. This girl means business. I haven't been able to see or talk to Brook and Bree for a few weeks, but I imagine they are just as cute as ever. Courtney is local and calls daily to check on Mama so I get filled in that way. I have learned that if I want business taken care of to get Courtney on the task. Her next assignment is to get Mama to go to the dr about her arm. The grandpa idea was all her own.

Daddy is trying to keep Casey and Michael from killing each other. Chris went back to Mobile. We miss him soooo much. I wish he and Justin both would move up here. Justin is currently on my list- he hasn't replied to my myspace messages. lol I should know that a big sister is not top priority to a 19 year old boy with cute girls on his friend list. I am sure that would cramp his style.

The whole family is addicted to Mama's Wheel of Fortune game that we got her for Chrsitmas and Courtney loved it so much that she bought one for herself. Brook, Courtney and Bree are all wonderful at this game. They are so smart. It is amazing at how intelligent they are to be their ages. It is a blessing to say the least.

Yesterday was my Garden Club meeting.It was very enjoyable. Our topic was The Healthy Gardener. We learned some stretches that you could do before working in the yard. The stretches felt really good and was actually very relaxing. We all looked silly stretching in nice clothes and heels, but it just added to the fun.

I guess I need to be going now. I don't want to wear out my welcome. ;) I was waiting for Mama to get home from work, but it looks like that won't be happening anytime soon, so I will head home. I have to go get my meds from Wal-Mart before they close and make it back in time for Grey's Anatomy.
I will try and post some photos soon.
Talk to you guys later- Ciao!

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