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Saturday, March 17, 2007

I'm addicted..

it seems lately I am addicted to lots of things. lol Croissants from Sam's Club, Yogo's fruit snacks, especially Island Explosion and Banana-Berry (which is weird because I HATE anything artificially banana flavored), Apple Chips and now Samoas flavored ice cream. I discovered it last night and man it is just yummy! I don't even like ice cream! Well, it isn't my frozen treat of choice anyway. The weirdest of them all is my grapfruit shampoo and conditioner from Bath & Body Works. I love that stuff. I walk around forcing everyone to smell my freshly washed hair and become offended when they tell me that they can't smell anything!!!!
I tell you if ever there was a time for me to be pregnant it would be now, my emotions are whacked!!! More so than usual, there was a picture that I took in the paper, I cried. There was a photo of 5 generations in the paqper, I cried. I cried because Brook is halfway through her primary school career and Erin is not 2 anymore, but now 19!! Oh and the list goes on and on... lol I need some drugs and obviously some strong ones! I did a shoot last night at a school dance. My back has been bothering me and that only made it worse. I spent 2 days in the bed this week and the latter half of today on the sofa. I saw my bestest friend in the whole wide world Dr. Steele today. I love him!!!! I am going to have to go back sometimes this week because I still am in major pain! However while I was there I managed to get scolded for wearing open back shoes and working the yard. Not because I might hurt my back, but because I might run into a snake. lol Ahhh you gotta love him! Anyway, I guess I will enjoy watching my DVR's episode of Will & Grace and get back to my Samoas ice cream. lol Hae a great night!

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