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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Mattress Woes- spin off of The Princess and the Pea

Once upon a time there was a girl who wanted a new mattress. This was quite a longtime desire, so the girl decided to do some mattress shopping. Store after store the girl tested mattresses until she found the mattress that she wanted more than any other amttress. Just to be sure she went to another store to try the same mattress. Yes! This was THE ONE! So she placed her order at the mattress store and paid the big price for the special mattress with the space foam. It was a state of the art mattress and the newest, best thing on the market. The mattress came in and was delivered. It was great, for a few months, then the thing broke down. The girl complained day in and day out. Finally,the girl had her husband call the company to find out what the problem was. They agreed to order a new mattress. Great, they would call when it came in to set up a delivery date. The girl went on a trip to North Carolina for several months. The mattress never got delivered. Once they were home for good, they called the company to set up a delivery date for the matress. They had to order a new one because the old one had been sold. Upon visiting the store, a different kind of mattress was requestedx, but they qagreed to try ONE MORE MATTRESS. The day came and the mattress was delivered. It was heaven! That is until they went to put the sheets on the bed. It was not the correct size. The girl fussed with her husband to push it this way, but he kep saying to push it his way. Finally the girl measured the mattress and called the company. It was not the correct size. A new mattress was delivered, it was not the same kind and there was too much moisture in the plant so the box springs creaked like crazy. Finally, they decided to contact the store agin. The girl just wanted the old mattress that was not the right size. It slept great and the new mattress was hard and stiff and yucky. The store said they would bring that mattress back and a brand new mattress. Great! The girl was overly excited. The day came and the mattresses were delviered. The service men put the new mattress on there first. This time the owner of the company had came. He said they had made the matress as a california king width, but a regular kind length. The new mattress was too hard. It was lower and just not comfy. The second mattress was just right!!!! Except now the box springs were too large. The man was not happy with the girl, but the girl was standing her ground. She had requested from the beginning exactly what she wanted and it was not her fault they kept ordering other mattresses. The girl knows what she wants. Apparently other people just don't always listen to the girl. The girl was very calm and polite the whole time. Apologizing and thanking them for the extra effort they had put forth, but insisting that it was not what she wanted. The girl politely stated her case and then left the room as a breakdown was close at hand. The girl is supposed to reduce stress levels and everyone in a room just staring at her waiting for her to tell them what they want to hear was not a great way to do this. The girl politely excused herself after staing her originaly request once more, stating that it had been her request from the beginning. The girl left it in their hands now to do the right thing. Once the service men took the mattress out and had placed the too small matttress on the box springs, the girl's husband pointed to something on the mattress.The girl leaned over and saw a hole. The girl kept her mouth shut and was grateful for what she had, but is anxiously waiting for the call to see if she can get box springs to match her too small of a mattress or if she will not sleep for the rest of her life. You see the girl never sleeps and the too small mattress was the only mattress since she was a merely a teen that she has been able to rest peacfully on through the night. This probably meant nothing to the store owner, but to the girl it meant the world.

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