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Monday, August 07, 2006

All the shopping is over! I am really tired and still can't rest well at night. Then it is all I can do to stay awake during the day. Everyone had a great first day of school. I am so glad! They all seem to be comfortable with their teachers, so that is a relief. Courtney got a new kitty and named it Abby or Abbie. (not sure which way she smells it) Brook and Bree lost their turtle, they put up flyers. lol
Cassi had a flat tire on her way home from school, but conveniently it was at a diesal shop and Mr.Jack was able to take it into town and get it fixed for her. She said it was going to be a great year. She had Charlie, 4 times and she loved him so that was a good thing. She knew him from church, but it psyched that she liked him as a teacher... especially since she has him so much. I have a Jr. Service League meeting tomorrow night. I am so tired, I don't want to go. lol I know it is over 24 hours away, but still. I think my levels still aren't up. I have my appointment to follow up with my blood specialist this month. I have looked and felt a little flushed this past week and so I need to talk to both drs about increasing my meds. Oh well, Robbie just got off work and is cooking dinner. Casey is helping him. She turned 16 yesterday. She called to see if she could spend the night with us tonight, so we are excited to have her over. I guess I better go now, we need to go to Cassi and Bubba's game. We were out of town for the last one, so we need to make it to this one for sure. Have a great night!

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