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Sunday, August 13, 2006

I'm stuffed...

After church we went out for pizza. It was delish! I had been dreaming of buffalo chicken thin crust pizza without the chicken... yum!!! It was everything I had dreamth of and more. OK, so now I am overly stuffed and don't ever want to have any of that pizza again. I had no eaten all day waiting for that pizza and of course I over did it on that and cheese bread sticks. It was great though, now if I could just go into labor I would feel a lot of relief. Oh yeah, I'm not pregnant. I guess I really did eat too much... cause I feel like I have an extra body with me right now. Enough about that, so tonight was a great church service. You know when he says, God's talking to someone, I hope you're listening. Well it was me! lol I have been so worried lately just about all kinds of stuff. The same verses kept going through my head each and everyday this week, but they were all reinforced tonight. I guess that person was me. It made me realize that there is absolutely no reason to worry about ANYTHING! God has brought me through so much already and He will continue to bring me through even more. I just have to set back and let Him. He has never failed me and never will. I don't deserve anything i have, but yet God gives it to me anyway. That is just awesome love. The thought that something so magnificant could love me so much that He would send his son to die for my life is even more awesome. God has and continues to be wonderful, there is not a day htat goes by that he doens't show His amazing power. One of my favorite things to do is to take pictures of nature, some of my favorites being sunsets. To look at a sunset and think that there is no God is unimaginable. How can something so beautiful and extravigant just happen? It doesn't. God put it there for us to enjoy. The beauty of His creations are all around us. Did you ever pick up a leaf or a blade of grass and just study it? Something so simple, yet so complex, but even more beautiful because it was created by God. God doens't always give me what I want, well at least not what I think I want... but he ALWAYS gives me what I need. There have been many times that I look back just think to myself, "Oh God, I am so glad that you know what you are doing and have enough since to know that I have no clue what I am talking about and that I am so silly for even thinking that I know what I need. Thank you for for not lsitening to me!" I guess my goal for this week is to let go and let God and to remember that I can't change things, but I can choose not to worry about them. God has not let me down yet and I know that he is not about to begin to start now. I challenge you to do the same this week. In the words of a Disney song, "Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative..." Have a wonderful week! I know I will!!!!

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