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Monday, August 21, 2006

Just taking a moment to talk... well to ramble

I am in a blog challenge and I am suppoosed to be blooging about Remarkable, however I just craweld out of bed trying to do the Ambien thing to help me sleep as I thought I couldn't, but as I sit here I find that my eyes are closing ever so slightly and my fingers feel drunk. lol
If you have ever had the meds they give you before surgery that kind of make you like because you are seeing this awesome euphoric vision/aura or something... lol and pretty much you just laugh becasue everything is funny because the world is spinning and no can see what you are seeing and that is even funnier... oh it's the best. lol OK so that is how I am realizeing that i am feeling now. So, I better not get deep and emotional in my blog challenge ad just ramble instead.

Been to the parsonage a few times to work on it, it looks great! I went back over to the house and used some hardwood floor cleanser and refinisher Saturday night and it looked so much better. I am going back either tomorrow night or WednesDAY to do another coat on it.

Our new pastor will be here Wednesday night and that is very exciting!! I think we are all ready for the new ideas and a resh spirit. We are going to have a moving in service. lol That should be fun. Don't want to miss it.

So... a ball game tonight was rained out and they eventually had to quit. I was freeing up some space on my laptop, as my hair would not have lasted in that humidity.

Oh! So this afternoon Cassi comes home from school and I am on the phone with my crazy mama, and she says," Is it ok if water is coming out the water heater?" Umm, no, ok well it's hot. So we have to go figure out what to do. Finally got it fixed but all the home stores were closed daddy had som gas line and we used that.

I have been burning my photos to disc to free up some space, so finally I have like 10 cds from 2005 and 2006. I have some seniors booking appts, so I am getting the space ready for them. I have no idea if what I am saying is making any sense. So I should probably go, maybe I was sleepy and just a walk around the house was all that was needed. So, if anything happens, I was sitting the laptop down in floor and going to potty and then right back to bed in the guest bed room. So, if I haven't made it to those places in the morning, be sure to alert the authorities.
Ok, Good night sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite nighty night sweet dreams, don't forget to say your prayers and remember I love y'all!! Good night God Bless you and I love you too!

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