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Sunday, September 17, 2006

All caked out

So my mom turned 60 on Thursday. My niece turned 6. I made pancakes from scratch and some sausage for her to share with all of her friends. I had 60 balloons in her office and decorated it with streamers and little saying about getting older. Some were sweet and some were not so much. ;) She was NOT happy about those. She had gotten kind of down about turning 60 and I wanted to help make her day a little brighter.

Friday I got in a picture order. I ALWAYS love when that happens. I know it's silly, but I love seeing my work in print. Today I spent time with my middle niece Courtney. She is hilarious! We baked the cakes for Bree's party tomorrow and she did a great job! She isn't really a cake person as she informed me today, but after licking the bowl of all three cakes, she ended up being a cake person.

She informed me that she was depressed right now. I tried to hold back my chuckle but it just sounded so growny. Then she continued to tell me why she was depressed. "There was a dog and it was pitiful at Granny's and it was gaining weight and then she was pregnant and then a car hit her and she died." I was sad for the dog of course, but was releived that it wasn't anything serious as far as Courtney was concerned.

A little while passed and out of the blue she said,"Do you like Dora the Explorer?"
I said, "Yeah, I guess."
She said, "I don't. I think she has a big head. It is way bigger than ours. Why does she have a big head?"

Then she said, "You can dress up like Dog The Bounty Hunter. I would, but it's more for adults." I told her that I wans't dressing up for halloween. We then started talking about him getting arressted and she could not beleive it. I had to tell her everything exactly and even had to show her where I got the information.

All of my nieces are so adorable when they talk. They just amaze me at the things they say. I keep saying that I am going to start a page in each of their scrapbooks so that I can jot down all the cute stuff they say. I have yet to do and it of course I have forgotten it all. :(

So I make the hamburger cake and get ready to start decorating it. Bree calls to tell me that she wanted eyes on it. then she tells me War Eagle and says, "Can you do an Auburn cake?" WHAT?!?!?!?! I told her I coudl, but I had already started on the burger, would it be ok and she said it would. Whew! Now it is time for a bath. I am covered with sugar from head to toe and I am already sweet enough. Night.

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