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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sleepy head

I finally was able to go to sleep around 4:30 this morning. This junk sucks. I have no clue what to do about it. The night before I went to bed early, btu I laid there a long time. Then I was up by 8:00. I just knew I was going to be able to sleep last night. Nope! So anyway, I had a Junior Service League meeting last night. I had to skip it though. I'm still sickly. My voice now sounds like a man. lol Robert came in from work on Monday and said, "How you feeling?" I said, "Fine." Then he said,"I hate to say it, but you look horrible." I laughed. He said, "Really, you do." So how is that for kicking you while you're down? lol I had decided to go to my meeting regardless last night, then when I started getting ready I looked in the mirror and all decisions become null and void. I looked like death. hehe Not really, but I did look pretty ugly. So I thought my coughing and sniffing we about gone, unfortunately they're not. My mom's birthday is tomorrow, as well as my youngest niece. We were going to have my mom a party, but she said she didn't want people to know how old she was going to be. So now we have no plans really. She wants us all to go out to dinner together, so I guess we will have to plan on that one day. Bree's party is Sunday. She has placed and order for a hamburger cake. It will be cute. It is one of my favorites to do.

Let's see, what else? Oh yes, photography business is looking good for next week. I have 3 shoots. Oner family, one team and one preschool. That should be interesting. I have to get started on the background setting for the preschool. Team pics will be simple and the family session will be on the rocks at the creek. Those are always fun. Now, ask me about the preschoolers next week. There will be 37 of them!!! Oh why do I get myself into these things? hehe Of course I am kidding. I LOVE it!

So, now I just need to get pics of my niece Courtney, and my niece file will be complete. She has a hard time fitting me in. When I asked her last when she wanted to do them, her reply was, "How about Labor Day?" Umm, the child is 7 what does she know about Labor Day!?!?!?!?! Unfortunately, I was out of town on Labor Day, so we had to put it off. Maybe we should plan on it for next week. If she can pencil me in. I just love my growny girls. [IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v223/luv2crop/photobar.jpg[/IMG]

I guess I should get off of here for now. I need a bath extremly bad, so I guess I better start my water. Then I have to get some things ready for the post office. I guess that's it for now. Talk to you all later.

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