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Monday, September 11, 2006

Oh no she has a camera... again!!!

If you don't know why I do what I do, maybe this will help you understand why in some way I am always into something that involves photos.

I take pictures because I love to capture life as we know it now. It has not and will not always be the same. Things change, people change, places change-life happens. It is so important that we focus on capturing each and every moment that is so precious to us. I have a lot of photos that I don't consider good quality show photos, for instance one of my sister and brother playing fetch with dinner rolls or my nieces rolling around in paper in the yard and even the much dreaded family picture on the holidays where the fake smiles can't hide the true feelings of why does she always insist on taking this stupid picture and why does she never remember the tripod. Will I win a large prize for those photos, not likely. Will I be published in a showcase album? I doubt it. Will I be famous for it... absolutely not!
I keep those photos because they show my life! They show who I am and who makes me who I am and the people in my life who make me want to be a better person. Just because you might not think my photos are prize worthy, doesn't mean my photos aren't priceless. I revisit those photos time and again almost weekly. It is that time that I love because it instantly takes me back to that moment where everything else kept moving except what I captured on film. It takes me back to the happiness that is felt with I am with my siblings that no one else can compete with or compare to. It helps me relieve the days of my babies being babies, only to flip a few pages and see they are not babies anymore. It helps me see the love of a grandmother with her grandchildren and I realize how awesome and strong that love is and nothing in this world can ever match that depth. I am reminded of my family who has gone before me and I still remember their smile and their laughter, not because I have a photgraphic mind, but because I have photos to refresh my memory. I do what I do because one day my memory will be gone and all those photos will be erased from my mind, but I will be able to remember with the photos. I do what I do as a tribute to each person in my albums, so that when they are no longer a part of this world, their legacy will be.

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