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Monday, September 11, 2006

Late night pains

It's almost 1 in the morning. My back hurts, my finger hurts, my head hurts and I'm having hunger pains. lol Enough whining? Ok, seriously though... I had a flatbread pizza for dinner tonight and it was delish, but now I am hungry. I want some fruit. Some really cold fruit. A nice big juciy pear or peach would be GREAT! Summer is almost over and I haven't even had either of them. Pineapple would be good too. Of course had I had this feeling an hour ago, I could have went to the store, but our little ghetto town store closes at 12. Atleast they stay open until midnight. So, I have been reading all of my friends myspace pages. I'm just trying to catch up on them. I have taken all meds, but can't sleep. I didn't take Ambien though
(sorry Jen) because I am still on the pain meds from my fall. They are suppoosed to make me sleepy, which they do, but unfortunately it is like a dang 15 hour delayed reaction!!! Talk about extended release! So I figured I would come here to blog because no one is on any of my boards that I frequent. I don't want to get out of bed, because I would probably end up grabbing a full of sugar popsicle and that would not be good. Yummy but not good for me.

I really need to get off of here and MAKE myself close my eyes and atleast pretend to be a sleep. Maybe I can trick my body. lol I want to get back in my routine again since school has started, but I have just been so tired. When I walked into church this morning the first thing someone said was, "You are looking pale today." The next person I saw said, "Well She'Na, you just look so tired and just worn out." Then they proceeded to show me what they meant. lol I really need to get my levels checked again and I have to make myself do that. My finger isn't improving as fast I had hoped. I stopped wearing the splint because I had hoped it might help me get the full use back soon if it weren't so stablized. Unfortunately I think this has caused more pain than progress. I am going to give it to Friday and then if it is not ANY better, then I will go see another dr about it that is not an ER doc. I'm not asking for a miraculous recovery overnight, but the pain still seems to be so strong, especially if I hit it on something. Even a pillow or something soft hurts it. The swelling has gone down a good bit and it is not purple like it was. It still looks crooked to me though and that is what I was trying to prevent by going to the ER in the first place. Ok, I'm rambling on and on about stupid stuff so I am going to get off of the puter for now. I will be back tomorrow maybe as a reward for getting my rotations done. lol
Night.... well good morning!

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