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Monday, July 17, 2006

Cassi's last surprise

I know I promised no more surprises, but there was one more surprise. We all gathered at her favorite restaurant tonight. Whene veryone arrived, Cassi, Sam, Carrie and Angel were all checking out a car that was in the parking lot. When we left the restaurant, there was a big purple bow on that car. It was Cassi's!!!!!! She was so excited. She has named it Kisses. lol This is one love girl. So many people put extra special touches into that car to make it custom for her. Many did not know her and have yet to meet her. That is just how blessed we are. There are still good people left in the world. Everyone loved the car. Mama was so afraid that she wasn't going like it, so she was relieved to see the joy on her face. I tell ya, I don't think Cassi could take any more surprises this week. When we got there we all ordered and ate, I think we didn't even taste our food because we were all so excited. I almost forgot to pay, but glad that I realized before I started picking up my bags. When everyone finally finished, she was brought a cake and we all sang Sam, Carrie and I shared the fried ice cream, while the girls ate some of the cake. The other adults didn't have anything, as they went to prepare the car for the big reveal. Robbie, Cassi and Angel have not made it home yet. I know they are out hot rodding. When I called to check on them to make sure they had stopped for gas, they had taken the interstate home. All of the girls played in the car for a while. Uncle Brad offered to pimp it up some more for her, but it would take a week. She said it was fine just like it was. Of course, she still has to learn to drive it. It's a 5 speed. That just makes it cooler though. I asked her if she wanted me to take a picture of her by the car, well that one picture turned into like 20. She even wanted her photo taken with the headlights. So I agreed. When she moved to the back of the car, I said enough was enough and we could do more later. Well I hear the motor revving in the driveway now, so I guess I will close this post. Enjoy the pics. I'm not sure if she likes the car. What do you think?

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