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Monday, July 17, 2006

It has been a long week!! I can finally blog!

Today is Cassi's 17th birthday. Courtney's 7th birth was Friday. Cassi had her party Friday night. Nathan was able to make it AND she got a cell phone. It was all a surprise! Courtney had her party Saturday, she got a 4-wheeler. Happy Birthday to both of you!!! I love you so much! She was surprised! Wheew! That was a lot of secrets to hold in! I couldn't blog becuase unfortuntely my whole family reads my blog. Well a lot of them anyway and I was so afraid something would slip. I can finally let it all out. It is over! The other thing was Cassi's mom came to vivist her from Germany and today was the day she arriving. That was another huge secret. So now can you see why I was about to explode. I haven't slept in days, because I was so excited. I usually don't sleep well anyway, but this made it worse and it was a good kind of not sleeping. I just love it when my girls are all happy.

On another note, Bree took a fall off the 4-wheeler and had to go to the hospital. She has some loose teeth and some scrapes and brusies, but she is one tough cookie. They all looked so darn cute on the 4-wheeler and my brother said that everytime Courtney makes a lap on it she stops and says, "Thank you so much Daddy!"

Everyone is relaxing now for a bit now. Some are in the pool and others are talking, but I think everyone is just glad to be together. Robbie is takinga test and he will be home. His instructors are letting him make up his tests since it is such a special occassion.He has not seen his sister in 21 years! I told him hopefully they would understand. They usually require a death certificate in order to make up a test. Thankfully they understood. He is taking a math test today and his business law test Wednesday.

I think it is like 104 today. It is hot!I have on a dang sweater. It is a summer sweater mind you, but a sweater none the less. Whewwwww! It has been perfect swimming weather lately, but I have not had a chance to get in the pool. Maybe soon!

Courtney isn't feeling well. Her throat ahs been hurting her since Saturday and last night at church her tummy was hurting then she ran a fever last night. I hope that she gets better soon. I don't like it when my girls aren't feeling well.

I guess is enough for now. I am calling to check the progress of Robbie's test. I will blog more later.

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