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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Tomorrow is Courtney's Birthday

This has been one busy week. I fear, well I know, it is only just the beginning. Courtney's birthday is tomorrow. Her party is Saturday. I have to go get her gift, have an idea what I want, but not sure if I can find it. Hopefully we will be able to locate it somewhere. I also have so much to do for this weekend. I hate putting things off until the alst minute, but I do work better under pressure and sometimes last minute is all the time that you get. We are going to try again today to get the girl's licenses. Maybe, just maybe. Cass has a ball game tonight, then I think she is going to my sisters. Courtney stayed the night last night. She ate 3 pieces of pickled cauliflower. 3 PIECES!!! Granted, they were small pieces, but even still, she tried it. I was very proud of her. This is the picky eater! I figured she would puke everywhere, especially on the last piece because it was bigger, and more sour. She didn't. A word to the wise: DO NOT EAT HOMEMADE CHOCOLATE CHIP AND WALNUT COOKIES WITH CAULIFLOWER OR AT ANYTIME CLOSE TO IT. I remember when I was a kid I wanted a pickled egg and a gingerbread man. My Aunt Gwen warned me that I would get sick. I ate them anyway, thankfully I didn't get sick. However, last night was a different story. All I can say is UGHHHH!!! Oh well, I guess we need to go sit in the hall of the courthouse for most of the day. Maybe they won't be too crowded. See ya later!

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