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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Happy Anniversary Bubba and Tracy!

It's our second night in Savannah. We had a nice long productive day. We did sleep in this morning, so that was nice. We then went to take our trolley tour. As Bree would say, "We rode the Charlie." It took us all through the historic district and all of the neat photo op sites that I wanted. Robert and I both love history, so it was especially fun. We saw the birthplace and then the home pace of Juliette Low, Girl Scout founder. I have wanted to do that since I was a scout. We had lunch at Huey's. (again) I ordered the chicken salad and it was good, but not as flavorful as I had hoped. I should have gotten fried green tomatoes, but I didn't. They looked delicious though! Maybe tomorrow. ;) We did get the praline cheesecake with praline sauce and had a bite each. It was really good, really rich, but the funny thing was the after taste was really really good. We brought the rest back with us.
The best part of the day was after our tour. We drove around to the squares and the sites that we wanted to see more of from the tour. The best place was the Cathedral of St. John. Man oh man! I am not catholic, but this made me want to be. It was beautiful and I have the photos to prove it. They were closed when we got there, but the man let us go on in since a few people were still in there looking. I am so glad he did. I will definitely be going back there if I had more time. I just can't explain the beauty. The paintings, the statues, everything..... Awesome!!! Robert said I got a little trigger happy there, but little does he know just how well I really restrained myself. I wanted to capture every detail, but I didn't. I just could go on forever. Anyway, I am uploading the 147 pictures that I took today. Hopefully they will all be perfect. We shall see.
After we left the historic district, we went to Tybee Island. We had a nice walk on the beach there. We met a seagull that obviously loved to have his picture taken just as much as I loved to take them. Robert said that when I get home I am going to wonder why I took so many pictures of a bird. It was surprisingly cool there too. It was hot, but the breeze felt wonderful. The sand isn't as pretty as on the gulf, but it was still nice. It also was not very crowded. Tomorrow we will be taking the Paula Deen Tour. That should be interesting. Lunch will be at her newest restaurant, Uncle Bubba's Oyster House. I will have to take tons of pictures on this tour as well for Mrs. Sue and Mrs. Jo. They love her! I knew I couldn't come to Savannah without doing something Paula Deenish! I think my pictures are finished so I will go and play with those for a while. See y'all tomorrow!

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