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Saturday, July 01, 2006

We made it to Savannah! Happy Anniversary to us!!! We left early this morning and the well pump messed up again, so I need a shower badly. We had to go to a service station to brush our teeth and get ready since it was too early to crash someones house. Anyway, we managed and when the rest of the world woke up, we called and got Uncle Ed to fix it again for us. This is just a temporary fix, but at least it will be ok until we get back hopefully. We have had a wonderful time so far. We had a nice lunch at Huey's. It was delish! I finally got my muffie!! I have bee wanting a Muffleta sandwich for ages and I finally got one today. That was the whole reason for us going there. Of course once we were there I started changing my mind and almost got chicken salad instead... we might have to go back to try it. We are going on a dancing cruise tonight. We just got to our room and decided to chill for a bit before heading back out. Oh and we now know where the bad side of town is... actually a few of them. Anyway, I guess I will go for now. See ya later!

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